Plugin update: Craft CMS (GraphQL) source for Gridsome v0.0.13

NOGN offers a set of plugins to help pair Craft & Gridsome. See for more.

Lucky 13? Not for some. Anyone bold enough to try a previous release, this one will break! Sorry, but it's still early days.

npm: @bhws/gridsome-source-craft-graphql

New feature

Support for category and tag templates. (Note: Live preview is currently only setup for Entries for now).

Breaking changes

Template paths have been adjusted to follow a new format (all these are sitting in the src/templates directory)

  • Entries: ${fieldName}Entry${sectionHandle}${typeHandle}.vue
    Example - craftEntryNewsArticle.vue
  • Categories: ${fieldName}Category${groupHandle}.vue
    Example: craftCategoryStatus.vue
  • Tags: ${fieldName}Tag${groupHandle}.vue
    Example - craftTagCountries.vue

If you hit a problem make an issue on GitHub, or try the Gridsome discord.

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